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Coach Jaime


My journey to healthier more balanced living started when I returned from maternity leave for the second time. My life was busy with 3 young children. After miscarrying in 2016, I was in a confusing and unfulfilled place. I lost sight of all the wonderful blessings I had in my life.  Having lost control of my eating and exercise plans I decided to sign up with Coach JVB, who is arguably the best in the biz. My journey with Coach JVB led me to self discovery and new found happiness.

Graduating from Sheridan College for Furniture making and design, I have always been an artist at heart. Finding it difficult to pursue a career as an artist I have spent my ENTIRE career - working my way up in the Financial industry. Working with major Federal banks across Canada from British Columbia, Ontario to Prince Edward Island and even 3 years in the England. I have always worked and excelled in client relations. 

My passion lies with food, and nutrition - and gravity has  been pulling me to develop my own business helping more Women to reach their health and weight loss goals -- and branch out from my banking routes. 

I studied Fitness Nutrition and Fitness Training at the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), and I want to share my experience and my knowledge to help other women. My mission is to educate women about healthier balanced eating and provide them with a plan that will stick for life. I am taking it back to basics (there are so many diets and so many fads). I teach how to enjoy all the flavours, textures and pleasures that food can offer us, and provide scientific explanations on how these foods nourish and enrich our lives.

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At JKM, I provide one-on-one online nutritional coaching for women.

I offer you detailed nutritional plans with unlimited food flexibility. We schedule weekly coaching calls to discuss progress and make nutritional recommendations and changes. I provide you tips to help conquer your behavioural eating set backs, so you can stick to your goals for good.

I will inspire and support you in your journey using whole foods -- delicious foods -- to fuel your body, help it work effectively, and operate at its best. Getting you lean and toned with short intense workouts that can be done at home or anywhere in less than 30 minutes.

As a member of JKM, you have access to our private Facebook support page, where members can share their tips, struggles and successes, and be a part of an encouraging online community.

One-on-one online nutritional coaching is for you if:

You're 100% ready to take your goals to the next level and commit to yourself. You love food but you don't know how to eat for you goals. You're ready to go 'all in' to achieve your goals and have fun eating while achieving it.

If this is YOU then let's work on knocking your goals out of the park. 

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